The David Watkin website is currently being given a make-over.

Please return soon to celebrate the work and life of that remarkable cinematographer who died in February 2008. Rachael Adams and Chris Mullen trace his contributions to documentary, commercial and feature film-making, relating his achievements and innovations to the very character of the man, complex and perverse, innocent yet knowing at the same time. He wore his learning lightly but with much seriousness.

Find out what it was to work with David Watkin on sound stage and beyond, to keep him supplied with jokes, food, music, books, pictures and all sorts of other intriguing information. Read within the memories of friends, critics, colleagues and other amused observers. We invite you to add your own impressions to our interactive database.

This website has been initiated as a response to the hundreds of friends of David Watkin from all over the world who wished to contribute to an archive of memories of this remarkable man. The editors are the designer Rachael Adams and the historian Chris Mullen who were in contact with him in Brighton on a weekly, often daily, basis.
It is in no way an official family celebration of the man.

Copyright of the words and images to be found here is held by the editors from their personal collection, and by contributing friends and colleagues who have answered the appeal.