‘Why is there only one word for Thesaurus?’

Some quotes, taken from literally, worlds apart:

Thesaurus Frontcover

Jim Ballentyne

“This is an exercise in self-publishing, the handsomest I have ever come across. Many a commercial publisher should sit down with it. The design of the whole book, from dust jacket (lovely picture of the author at work!) through page layout to binding is exemplary,

Jim Ballentyne”.

David Lawrence

“Fuck a stoat, what a wickedly funny book! I laughed, I cried, I read huge pieces aloud to Kathleen, and I smile every time I see it on my bookshelves, sitting between Fritz Lang’s Biography and some hyper-intellectual stuff by Wim Wenders.

So I demand that you live forever so you can keep writing, and thank you again for your kindness to me and Katherine in Florence”. David Lawrence, Hollywood DOP.

Barry Norman

“I get an awful lot of film biogs and autobiogs, and most of them are overwritten and rather tedious. Yours is remarkably fresh and different, to say nothing of immensely readable.
I need hardly add that your book stays firmly on my shelves, while the autobiogs of several others (who shall remain nameless) are on their way to the Oxfam Shop.
Have a smashing 00. Very best wishes, Barry Norman”.

Sidney Lumet

“The chapter is a delight, as I knew it would be. The stories are funny and, best of all, reading it is like hearing you speak. Love, Sidney Lumet”.

Joe Mendoza

“Yours is quite different; fabulously gossipy, tremendously funny, gloriously outspoken with stable after stable of hobby-horses. It is also beautifully produced and I must congratulate your collaborators on their taste, style and execution. It will make you hundreds of friends and offendees far beyond the list of subscribers.

Anyway it’s bloody marvelous and I’m enjoying every word of it.
Yours in haste, Joe Mendoza”.

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