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  1. 21/02/2009 at 8:59 pm

    These are stills from the following British Transport Film titles:
    David working with one hand and eating an ice cream with the other, so typical, comes from “Peak District”. Also from Peak District is the still with the Beulah time code stamped on it.

    The black an white stills from BTF “Production 121” was an aborted film made in 1952/3 for London Transport. Some of the shots found their way into “All That Mighty Heart” (BTF 1962). In fact Prod 121 was shot in Eastman Color which explains David holding a colour card in two stills, one with Ken Cooper looking over his shoulder. The penultimate shot catches “Mac” (Stewart McAllistair) making sand castles on the Thames foreshore under Tower Bridge. The last shot features BTF Gaffer Frank Brice as a bus passenger.

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